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Our Story

For years my brother and I dreamed about owning our own business. A dream of doing what we love to do, barbecuing and making people happy doing it.

For more than 25 years the Terrell Brothers watched their grandfather working the grill every holiday. They would watch Granddad for hours, waiting for the chance to taste the ribs. Granddad would sit at his grill for hours working that grill. The only time he would leave the grill was to go to the bathroom; even then he would call someone to watch the grill until he returned. This ensured the ribs would never burn and never would go unattended.

Over the past 25 years, Gerard and Bernard have cooked for various family events and holidays. The Brothers took on the title of Grill Master, because of the old school approach to smoking and grilling and kinds of meats and poultry.  Years later The Terrell Brothers got together and started “Terrell’s Eat the Bone BBQ, LLC” Gerard and Bernard take the same care and patience as their grandfather. Because of this care, they are producing one of the best tasting and succulent ribs around. They believe that boiling or steaming your ribs is just wrong. When you take their homemade dry rub, sweet fruit wood for the smoke, and a few hours of smoking, you come up with some of the best tasting BBQ around.

With the combination of rub, wood, and time you come up with a product that does not need sauce. Their motto is “Where Sauce is Optional” you won’t have to cover up the taste of the BBQ with sauce. Just sit back and enjoy the great blend of spices as you take that first bite of your rib order. And be very careful, don’t bite the bone! Now for you sauce loving people, Terrell’s Eat the Bone BBQ, LLC has an awesome Honey Mustard BBQ sauce. It has an old school and new school taste.  During a rib competition, a judge took a bite out of the rib and then licked the sauce off the bone.

Yes, it’s that good.

Our Team

As time went on we starting building a family of staff that has been with us from the time we opened. These are the people that helped build our customer base to an amazing 3600. We would have never grown the way we did without their help and dedication to our mission. From left to right; Diane, Carol, Gerard, Bernard, Shemari, Shenka, and Lillian.

Eat The Bone BBQ Team